Come to me, take me all yours

My Lord Jesus
Come to me and take me to you
Take me Lord to your heart
Lift me up to reach the sky
To achieve the happiness by being all yours
To have peaceful sense of joy when I meet you.

May beloved Lord
When I have physical pain, it is something hard to live with, deal with or endure, but with my pain, I ask you:
Help me to not ask for rest, but to fight my weakness
Help me to not complain, but to pray, and pray hard for all sufferers who can not endure their pain
Help me to not worry about myself , but to remember all who are in worts pain than mine
Help me to not give up my hope, but to strongly believe that you are my strength
Help me to always stay faithful to your love
To look at you and consider your pain and suffering that you mercifully endured to the very end of giving your whole life, yourself, for me to have a new life, to have you in me, to have the blessing to be redeemed from the slavery of weaknesses, imperfections and sins so I go free from all pains!
My Lord, I ask you: come to me, take me all yours

Written by: wassan Sitto

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