For all whom are in pain

Lord Jesus
There is so much pain and suffering around us..
This pain and suffering are effecting us deeply in our spiritual life
We can see and feel how that pain is hurting people who we care about,
also people who we don’t know, but their pain is unbearably hard, so we also become spiritually under the pressure of that pain.

Dear Jesus, my great lovingly Lord
I pray to you for all people whom are in pain
Give them your peaceful blessings
Strengthen their hearts and souls by your love
Show them your healing mercy
Enlighten their spirit by your grace, so they remain in you, come to you faithfully and have hope in you.
To you I loud my voice for all sufferers,
For all sad and hopeless people,
For all whom are in pain,
For all whom are in need of mercy and prayer
Lord heal them
Lord accept my prayer

Written by: wassan sitto

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