His Grace Archbishop Amel Nona celebrating the feast of St. Mary’s Assumption

In a very festive ceremony, His Grace Bishop Amel Nona the highest respect has celebrated the Holy Mass for the feast of St. Mary’s Assumption las Tuesday 15/8/2017 by the attendance of our virtues priests, deacons, a delightful number of our parishioners and some respected civil and political guests.
The ceremony took a place at St. Mary’s assumption Church- Fairfield, as it is the feast of its parish
Afterwords, all had a big and long procession inside and out the church in where the Statue of our Lady of the Assumption was prepared in the high respected way and honoured in carrying it by deacons inside and followed the long line of people coming and having themselves blessed by kissing the portrait of St. Mary’s.
The opening of the Hall was after that by the Archbishop, and the Charity Market, Food Market, was there too. We pray to St. Mary’s’ Of the Assumption to bless and protect all the participants, all who worked tirelessly to make these Feast a great day. Happy Feast Day to all.


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