Our Diocese welcoming Cardinal Leonardo Sandri

In a solemn ceremonial procession, Archbishop Mar Amel Nona the highest respect with all our, the deacons and a large gathering of our parishioners in Sydney, they, have welcomed Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, the prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Oriental Institute and the representative of Rome Pope for our Eastern Churches. during his pastoral visit to our Church on Sunday evening, 7/5/2017, in where he participated in the Holy Mass, which was offered by the patron of our diocese, Mar Amel Nona in St. Thomas the Apostle Chaldean Cathedral. The ceremony was also attended by: Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yalana, Archbishop Robert Ribat, Archbishop Charbel Tarbay, Archbishop Jerjis Qus Moussa, Archbishop Peter Staswick, Archbishop Melki Malki, Archbishop Jacob Daniel, Monsignor Basil Sousanian. In addition to the official figures: The Hon. David Clarke, MLC Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, Mr. Hugh McDermott – MP of Prospect

The ordinances began with a welcoming speech performed by hid grace Bishop Amel Nona, welcoming the eminence Cardinal Sandri, the bishops and priests of the Eastern Churches in Sydney, presenting a summary about our dioceses in Australia and New Zealand and its churches and activities, giving a general idea about the situation of the families, especially the new arrivals.

Within the liturgical rank of the Holy Mass, Cardinal Sandri has given a special pastoral speach to all the faithful of the diocese, expressing his solidarity with the peoples of the Eastern Churches and especially Iraq, recalling his pastoral visits to Iraq, praising the persevering spirit in maintaining the faith and live it joyfully. He also gave a special thanks to our Bishop Amel Nona for his great hospitality and respect.

The Mass was concluded by the Blessing of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, which was granted by the Cardinal who expressed his astonishment at the active participation of the people in the Liturgy of the Mass, giving a special papal gift to his grace our Archdiocese in appreciation.

After the Holy Mass, the Cardinal and the patron of our diocese, Mar Amel Nona, went to the Church Hall to meet with the activates officials of the three churches in Sydney.

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