Spirituality is….

Spirituality is love!!
The deeper you experience love, the warmer your depths will become.

As much you surrender your heart to your beloved, that much you’ll also feel him dwelling in the inner of your heart.

The more you attend in his presence faithfully, the more your soul will fly around joyfully and peacefully…

Spirituality is mercy!!
It is when you become fully united with your beloved,

It is when you purely reflect the love of your lovingly Lord .

It is when you become like a sunshine that comes with new brightness, new day and new life.

It is when you heal the wounds, treat the broken hearts, remedy the illnesses

It is when you strengthen weakness, support whom in need, to replace sadness with smile and the pain with peace

It is when you light up the path for others when they see nothing only darkness
When you give hope when there is only hoplessness and despair

It is when you free the captuerd from all the bourdens and worries so they enjoy grace of being children of god

Spirituality is when you give your all to show God’s love
To help others to feel and experience God’s mercy
To take care of the soul of God’s children by being just, fair and merciful
To be a father, a mother, and true sister and brother to whom are your mission, your responsipitly from your almighty God

By: Wassan Sitto

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