St. Thomas Cathedral welcoming the Good Shepherd Seminary

With a sense of joy and pride, His Grace, Archbishop Amel Nona the highest respect has welcomed the noble shepherd (administration and students) who visited our Chaldean Cathedral of St. Thomas the Apostle on Sunday 28/5/2017 in where they participated with our parishioners in the Holy Mass that was presided by the Archbishop Amel Nona with the participation of the directors of the seminaries: Fr. Danny Meagher, Fr. Arthur Givney, Fr. Ed Travers as they all celebrated the Chaldean Mass together with great joy.

At the preaching, the patron of the diocese Bishop Amel Nona gave a special speech to the students of the clergy and all youth about the priestly vocation and consecrated life, which is an invitation from God to us to empty ourselves completely of all things so that we may be filled with God only and become a living image and true Godlike to the world around us following the Model of our Saviour Jesus.

When the Holy Mass finished, Father Danny gave a word of thanks to the Archbishop of our diocese for his great and kind welcoming, also for having them participating in the Chaldean Mass which its spirit has touched them deeply, then he encouraged the youth to listen to the call of God and respond to it by offering their whole lives to serve His word through the priestly and devoted life, later on, one of the students also presented his own experience, giving the young people a living example of listening and responding to the call of God, encouraging them not to hesitate and have any fears but to move forward with Jesus Christ trustfully.

After the Holy celebration, His Grace Amel Nona and our virtues priests and Nuns went with the a of Seminary group (administration and students) o share a meal of lunch together, thanking God for his grace and enjoying the good times together.

We proudly would get your attention that two of our Chaldean parish are students of the seminary: deacon Rody Sitto and deacon Salam Khaya. We pray for them so they have all the grace to faithfully keep going in their journey with Christ to become graceful priests to serve our Chaldean Church.

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